BSC Freestyle

The freestyle team is going on its twenty third season at BSC.  Over the years the team has grown with the club, to include a newly designed and built aerial facility as well as a recently reconditioned mogul run, both with dedicated snow making capabilities.

When you decide the Freestyle Team is right for you, there are two options to choose from; a competitive travel program, and an entry level club program.

Moguls are often seen as a difficult skill to learn. This skill is finely tuned within our program to help you negotiate the terrain and show the hill just who is boss. Practicing proper edging, speed control and body positioning will sharpen this discipline.
Athletes learn proper techniques on a small jump, before moving on to larger jumps and more difficult maneuvers. The world-class aerial site, located on Pete’s Sprint, is one of only a few of its kind the United States.
Freeride and terrain park call for a more expressive style that the other disciplines. An open “park” consisting of boxes, rails, jumps, tabletops and quarter pipes allow the skier to create their own lines, and emphasize their unique skiing style and personality.


Mogul and aerial coach
Operations manager, and snow maker extraordinaire
Mogul coach and aerial Specialist
Head shovel stabilizer
Mogul coach and aerial Specialist
Master jump masseuse
Mogul Specialist
Self proclaimed former athlete
Jack of all trades - Park specialist
May look older in person